About LifeBox

LifeBox is a portable medical device to measure and report real-time patient physiological data via telemedicine.

LifeBox is used by professional medical staff and patients alike to measure continuously or on-demand vital clinical parameters. 

LifeBox acts as an Internet of Things Medical Gateway or sink for additional wearable monitoring devices and sensors that could be used by the patient or exist already in his living environment.

Use cases :

  • multiple biosignal monitoring of patients over time
  • live remote consultations or performance tests sharing biosignals with remote practitioner


Artificial intelligence based analysis and rules can be built into the LifeBox to support patient’s or researcher’s requirements.

What is included?

LifeBox can monitor and share in real time :
  • Pulse Rate (pulse oximeter and sthetoscope)
  • Oxygen saturation (pulse oximeter)
  • ECG Heart Rate (5 lead ECG)
  • Blood pressure (automatic cuff)
  • High definition images using otoscope to focus in on specific areas of concern (skin, eyes, ears, mouth/throat, nose)
  • E-Stethoscope signal
  • Webcam and sound streams for webconferencing between subject and medical practitioner

LifeBox offers multiple built-in network interfaces to connect other devices and networks (WiFi, Bluethooth, LoraWAN, NB-IoT, etc.)

Additional sensors can be connected to LifeBox using these interfaces. Contact us to discuss specific needs.

    LifeBox Software

    • Developed by Highway Innovation, the LifeBox platform is a comprehensive system installed on both patient and doctor sides.
    • The LifeBox displays patient data on the medical kit’s screen or on any local or remote visualization tool.
    • Bidirectional video call between the doctor and the patient allows flexible data gathering and measurement guidance.
    • Medical data can be stored and archived for a specific period of time either on the kit memory or any cloud storage facility.
    • The kit contains an audio assistance tool to help the patient correctly take the required medical parameters and repeat them if required.
    • The kit and the cloud platform contain powerful AI medical analysis engines to support both the patient and the doctor in diagnosing the medical condition and acting quickly.
    • Medical records can be transferred between different medical staff and approved health organizations in a secure and distributed manner subject to the patient’s consent.

    Tablet & Smartphone e-health Kiosk (coming soon)

    LifeBox connects to a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

    LifeBox can also be supplied with a built-in screen.

    • A high resolution 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop/tablet
    • An IoT gateway to connect your own sensors medical devices.
    • High resolution deep-learning camera

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    Is your academic institution looking for a tool for longitudinal projects?

    Contact us to enquire about our academic research partners program.

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