Our products

Heated Concrete used Solar panel

  • Our Solution benefits are:
    • Self-sustaining green system
    • Cost-effective
    • Decreased manual labour
    • Intelligent, mostly automated system


  • This unique technology will:
    • Effectively detect and melt the accumulation of snow.
    • Power the system with solar cells.
    • Make the system as automatic and efficient as possible.
    • Increase safety from slip hazards.
    • Decrease time spent shovelling snow.

GCG Glass powder Additive

  • This environmental solution will help increase the sustainability of concrete.
  • Help decrease the quantity of glass going to the land-field.
  • In addition, the production of every six-ton glass powder concrete results in the reduction of one ton of CO2 emission from cement production and reduces environmental significantly by decreasing greenhouse gas and particulate production.
  • The use of glass decreases cost, and the concrete will be cheaper.

High Riser Solution

  • Cover Riser made in major percentage (98%) from recycled rubber to eliminate low manholes around the world.
  • Used on different types of manhole and valves in stresses Road.
  • An alternative solution to improve smoothness to meet the standard specification of Road paving.
  • Can be installed before the paving process or as afterthought adjustments.